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Since 1994, HK Composites has revived the concrete sandwich panel construction industry with revolutionary, proven products. Our unique system combines insulated panels consisting of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam insulation, sandwiched between two layers of concrete and HK signature Ties. This combination is designed to strengthen concrete, making it more apt to resisting impact and shock loads during precast panel transportation and erection processes. Additionally, it creates a durable, resilient alternative to more costly and less efficient alternative concrete systems.

At HK Composites, we are the foam experts. We custom-cut insulation foam to fit architectural drawings. It will arrive at the construction site, placement ready and pre-drilled for simple HK Tie penetration.

HK standard thermopolymer Ties are more impact resistant and durable than competitor concrete sandwich fiberglass ties. In addition to providing top of the line products, our top-notch customer support team and HK Tie experts work hard to ensure our clients are satisfied. Contact us today to get a free quote and to discover how the HK Composite’s products are more cost-effective and efficient.

You are what you build. So build with the best. HK Composites.

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Are HK Ties Tested?

Yes. HK Ties excel in strenuous tests for tensile strength, shearing, concrete pull-out, long-term alkaline resistance, fire, cyclic fatigue, and many building code certifications. See HK testing reports here.

Do I save money using HK Ties?

Yes. Our simple manufacturing process used to make HK Ties, called thermoforming, reduces our output costs which increases your “bang for your buck”. Not only that, HK Ties reduce the R-value of the wall by less than 1% compared to as much as 75% reduction with steel and/or typical solid concrete section ties. This results in maximum energy savings!

Does HK use fiberglass to make Ties?

Being the best means being different; we don’t use fiberglass in our HK Standard Ties. HK Standard Ties are made from an engineered reinforced thermoplastic, enabling our standard ties to be more durable than competitor ties. In contrast, HK Vertical Pour/ Modular Precast Ties and Composite Action Ties are made from a fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic.

Regardless of the engineered make-up, all HK Ties are designed to resist impact and shock loads during precast panel transportation and erection. The resin retains its strength at high temperature and provides maximum long-term chemical resistance.

Construction jobs come in many different shapes and sizes. Different jobs require different ties. Our HK Tie experts are here to help you find the best tie for your project. Contact us today!

Is plastic as strong as fiberglass?

Fiberglass is plastic—reinforced with glass fiber. Strength-wise, it is true that some types of fiberglass have a higher material tensile strength than HK Tie resins. However, high material tensile strength is only one factor responsible for the tensile capacity of a tie. The minimum cross-sectional area and manufacturing processes together with inherent material properties ultimately determine tie strength. The actual delivered tensile and shear strengths of HK Ties are many times higher than required.

The plastic used for the HK Standard Ties is a high-impact, high-temperature, chemical resistant engineered thermoplastic. The plastic used for the HK VP (Vertical Pour) and Modular Precast Ties is glass fiber reinforced.

Every job is another dragon to slay. We will help you get the job done cost-effectively, safely and as quickly as possible. Contact us today!

Can my project receive LEED points for using the HK Building system?

Yes. With the HK building system, you can go green and save green. HK Green Building Insulation Systems are designed to meet green building standards for better thermal protection and energy performance from longer-lasting, environmentally benign building materials. The system is created using extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) insulation in-between two concrete wythes. Highly durable HK Ties, inserted into the XPS, have been proven to reduce the insulation R-value by less than 1% Compare that to as much as 75% reduction with steel and/or typical solid concrete sections! This small change can make a big difference! Start saving and contact us today.

Does HK offer a turnkey solution?

Yes. Our turnkey foam fabrication solution is one of many reasons why we are the concrete sandwich construction industry leader. We specialize in and have extensive experience with foam fabrication processes.

When the foam is fabricated, boards are pre-cut to fit architectural drawings. We make it easy for you as we provide specific foam layout drawings and pre-drill the XPS energy-efficient insulation board to accommodate HK Tie insertion. HK insulation foam boards come to the job site, placement ready. Bye, bye head scratching and complicated puzzles, hello revenue.