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Insulated Concrete Sandwich Panel

Insulated concrete sandwich panel construction techniques offer Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) benefits, fire protection, and low maintenance costs.

Insulated concrete sandwich panels can be used for almost any building project including wineries, warehouses, distribution facilities and so much more. At HK Composites, we have created a top of the line, concrete sandwich panel, filled with an injected molded polymer (XPS) and HK Tie connector system that enables walls to be as thin as possible, without sacrificing superior R-values.

In fact, our unique system has been proven to reduce the insulation R-value by less than 1%. Compare that to as much as 75% reduction with steel and/or typical solid concrete sections! HK Green Building Insulation Systems are designed to meet green building standards for better thermal protection and energy performance from longer-lasting, environmentally benign building materials.

We have the science to prove it.

Our patented HK Tie molding products have been extensively tested by Owens Corning. HK Ties are engineered and reinforced thermopolymers. These thermopolymers are specifically designed to resist shock loads during precast and tilt-up construction processes. All HK Ties meet and/or surpass Owens Corning’s extensive fire, cyclic fatigue, long-term alkaline resistance, and building code test standards.

What goes around comes around.

Most of our work, 60-70%, is repeat business. We understand what it means to gain client trust which is why we develop first-class, durable and sustainable concrete construction products. Our patented HK Tie system has been used successfully on many commercial buildings such as fruit processing, distribution, and storage facilities, factories, warehouses, retail stores, and government structures throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.A.E., and Great Britain.

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