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Tilt-Up Concrete Construction

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Tilt-up concrete construction panels can be used in almost any building project such as wineries, distribution centers, warehouses and government facilities. Our HK Composites unprecedented concrete system, sandwiches a polyisocyanurate or extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam insulation and HK Ties in-between two concrete wythes. This system increasing structural load bearing limits and energy efficiency. Concrete tilt-up panels are formed on-site using the structure foundation as the primary casting surface. On-site wall production reduces transportation costs, taps into local labor and material resources, ultimately saving time and money.

A quick process.

Tilt-up Concrete ConstructionTilt-up construction begins as concrete wall forms are completed and reinforcement steel is placed and ready for the first wythe to be poured. After the first layer of concrete is poured, leveled out and set, workers place HK Composites’ insulated XPS panels on the wet cement according to detailed shop drawings. HK Ties are then inserted into pre-drilled holes through to the wet concrete. After the foam is pressed, the second wythe is poured over and ready for tilt-up once set. This unique, simple wall-building process is much more durable compared to alternative construction techniques.

Proven to last.

HK Composite Ties, are made from reinforced thermopolymers designed to absorb shock and resist impacts of tilt-up panel construction methods, keeping the outer layers of concrete in one piece. HK Composites’ products have proven themselves worthy through extensive testing conducted by Owens Corning, including: tensile testing, shear testing, long term alkaline resistance testing, concrete pull-out testing, fire testing, cyclic fatigue testing and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling.

Additionally, HK thermopolymer Ties have been proven to preserve insulation R-values, lowering it by less than 1% compared to 75% decrease in R-value rate in steel or other alternative tie materials. This is a key component in our HK Green Building Insulation Systems which are designed to meet green building standards for better thermal protection and energy performance from longer-lasting, environmentally benign building materials.

Used all over the world and passing tests with flying colors, HK Composite top of the line tilt-up concrete construction technology is highly load bearing, energy and time efficient! What are you waiting for? Make HK Composites your tilt-up concrete insulation system supplier. Contact us today!