HK systems are used throughout the world to connect insulated concrete sandwich panels with maximum thermal performance.

HK thermopolymer connector ties are more impact resistant and durable than competing concrete sandwich fiberglass ties. In addition to providing top of the line products, our top-notch customer support team and HK Tie experts work hard to ensure our clients are satisfied.

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Our unique system combines insulated panels consisting of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam insulation sandwiched between two layers of concrete and patented HK connectors (called "ties").

Learn How It Works
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    Stonecast Products Although there are many different techniques in the industry to hold the sandwich panel layers together, Stonecast utilizes the proven HK Composites system utilizing the fiber-reinforced connectors.
    Stonecast Products, Inc
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    I can truly admit that HK Composites really helped Rockway. You were honest, fast, cost efficient, and provided a great product. Your support has always been awesome.
    Rockway Precast
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    We have been extremely impressed with HK Composites. They have a high quality system and outstanding customer service. We look forward to working with them on future projects.
    JAY-TON Construction Company